The Heritage, Like the Heart – Powerful Beyond Its Size!

The Heritage Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, a stellar provider of high caliber subacute care located in the hub of Borough Park, hosted an Appreciation Luncheon honoring the Satmar Bikur Cholim volunteers on February 4, 2015.

Renowned for helping community patients heal by delivering wholesome home-made food to hospital rooms for over 50 years, Satmar Bikur Cholim has become a most trusted and reliable resource for hospital patients faced with the myriad details that need knowledgeable coordination at the time of discharge.

Of utmost importance at the time of discharge, is the patient’s awareness that there is a better choice close to home, in their own neighborhood, and that there is no reason to settle for impersonal rehabilitation environments, even if they appear to be impressive in size.

The smaller, boutique style setting at The Heritage, assures an unmatched level of personal attention and the highest caliber of subacute care. “We might be smaller in size”, says Rabbi Gruenwald, but “The Heritage, like the heart, is powerful beyond its size!”

Offering a full spectrum of rehabilitation services that include intense rehab and gradual reconditioning, The Heritage caters to people recovering from bone fractures, knee injuries, hip or knee replacement, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease as well as respiratory conditions and neurological disorders.

“We focus on returning the patients home as soon as possible, but for as long as they are under our care”, says Milton Nussbaum, Administrator at The Heritage, “we make sure everyone receives the tending, attention and social interaction that they are accustomed to as part of the community”.

What sets The Heritage apart, however, is that while on their way to recovery, patients enjoy glatt kosher cuisine, daily shiurim, and the ever- uplifting visits of yeshiva and Bais Yaakov students.

For nothing surpasses the true caring of people who recognize you as a neighbor, who will offer their steadfast encouragement, and who are glad to see you remain an active participant in the always busy, always thriving Borough Park community.

With this unsurpassed level of personal attention and the high level of rehabilitative services they offer, The Heritage is, indeed, Like the Heart – Powerful Beyond Its Size!

The Heritage Center – an Integral Neighborhood Presence Plans for an Uplifting Pesach Underway

As soon as the mishloach manos are cleared away and the costumes stored for next year, Pesach preparations begin in earnest. And at The Heritage Rehabilitation & Health Care Center – a name that has become synonymous with unsurpassed rehabilitative care in the heart of Boro Park – the groundwork for a Heimishe Yom Tov is already being laid.

Intensive cleaning will commence the week before Pesach, and on the Motzei Shabbos prior to Yom Tov a team of Mashgichim will descend on the kitchen to kasher it from top to bottom. The Heritage is under the strict supervision of the KHC?and Rabbi Avrohom Friedlander shlit”a. For all patients who desire non-gebrokst and hand shmura matzos, those foods will be available upon request. Aside from inspiring communal Sedarim led by one of The Heritage’s Staff Rabbis, residents and their loved ones who prefer to conduct their own seder will be accommodated with a private setting and everything else they need for a proper bakovodik seder. Chol Hamoed will be replete with an array of entertainment for our residents and their visitors, with a gala musical celebration to take place one day featuring live music and a surprise guest.

“NES GADOL” Contest winners!

And now for our “NES GADOL” Contest winners!

First Place Writing:
Malkie Sternlicht, age 11, Flatbush, NY

First Place Drawing:
Fraidy Schwartz, age 5, Monsey, NY

Second Place Writing:
Silki Sputz, age 13, Boro Park, NY

Second Place Drawing:
Simi Landau, age 8, Brooklyn, NY

Third Place Writing:
Chany Wiesenfeld, age 12, Brooklyn, NY
Chayala Boxer, age 10, Brooklyn, NY

Third Place Drawing:
Esty Gross, age 7, Brooklyn, NY
Raizy Blumenfrucht, age 8, Brooklyn, NY

Writing Honorable Mentions:
Yitzchok Krohn, age 10, Waterbury, CT
Esti Rakow, age 12, Brooklyn, NY
Malka Gitty Greenzweig, age 11, Brooklyn, NY
Myriam Neuberger, age 11, Brooklyn, NY
Rivka Ruchy Stein, age 13
Chayala Gottesman, age 9, Brooklyn, NY
Fraidy Perl, age 13, Brooklyn, NY
Shragi Fruchthandler, age 11, Brooklyn, NY

Drawing Honorable Mentions:
Bruchy Rubin, age 7, Brooklyn, NY
Raizy Margules, age 7, Brooklyn, NY
Shmuel Newmark, age 5, Brooklyn, NY
Chumie Cofsky, age 4, Lakewood, NJ
Yitty Grossman, age 7, Brooklyn, NY
Moshe Amsel, age 6, Brooklyn, NY
Sarah Strimber, age 7, Brooklyn, NY

Lavish Luncheon

Tens of women, all Holocaust survivors, gathered at The Heritage for a lavish luncheon and some pre-Chanukah inspiration.

Yomim Noraim at The Heritage – an Uplifiting & Heimishe Experience

Celebrated in the warm embrace of family and friends…
Days before Rosh Hashana, one could already sense a vibrant spiritual energy pulsating throughout The Heritage Rehabilitation & Health Care Center. Whether it was the uplifting Motzei Shabbos Selichos or the scores of children visiting their parents and grandparents to wish them a “Gut Yuhr” and receive their blessings, you couldn’t miss the fact that the Yamim Noraim were about to commence and that patients and residents at The Heritage were an integral part of all the excitement.

The inspiring Tefilos held in Khal Zichron Yisroel, The Heritage Shul, drew throngs of mispallelim throughout Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Tashlich, Kapparos, Hakafos . . . no detail or minhag was overlooked as Rabbi Gruenwald, Rav at The Heritage, went to great lengths to elevate the Yom Tov experience for patients and their families. Mr. S., currently recovering from surgery at The Heritage, had tears in his eyes when he saw the oversized fish tank with dozens of fish brought in for Tashlich. Others were tremendously grateful and touched when presented with the opportunity to do Kapparos with live chickens in The Heritage’s front courtyard.

The Heritage’s central location resulted in unceasing foot traffic throughout Shabbos and Yom Tov as family and friends energized their loved ones with frequent visits. With two beautiful Sukkahs, one on the upstairs patio and one at the 15th Avenue entrance just below street level, The Heritage was able to accommodate all patients and their guests, as well as many neighbors without a Sukkah of their own. Open to the public and offering drinks & refreshments throughout the day –The Heritage’s large main Sukkah quickly became a local attraction. On Thursday night Chol Hamoed, a buoyant crowd exulted in a festive Simchas Bais Hashoeiva complete with live music, dancing and Divrei Torah by the choshuve Tchetch’a Rov and Rabbi Yeshaya Stern, who delivers a Daf Yomi Shiur at The Heritage at 8:45 pm right before Maariv.

The lively Simchas Torah celebration served as a heartwarming finale to this special Yom Tov season. Onlookers were emotionally stirred by the sight of wheel-chair bound seniors “dancing” with einiklach on their laps. Hand in hand, old and young displayed their profound love for the Torah as they spinned round and round. Every patient was an active participant, with each man literally alight with joy when given the chance to hold the Sefer Torah – embracing it close to his heart. It was an extraordinary sight to behold.

As we now head into the cold, winter months, preparations are already underway at The Heritage for the most incredible Chanukah ever! Stay tuned for details of the exciting activities planned.

Labor Day Community Grand Opening Celebration!

Heritage Grand OpeningA great Labor Day is in the works  – with festivities planned to keep the entire family busy. To celebrate our Grand Opening, we invite everyone to join us at a Gala Street Carnival on Monday, Sept 3rd.

56th street between 14th & 15th Ave. will be closed to vehicular traffic from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. Entertainment will include music, rides, a juggler and clowns, popcorn and cotton candy; and attendees will be treated to some great back-to-school giveaways!